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Hearthcast - A Podcast about World of Warcraft and the rest of the Blizzard Universe. With your hosts, Rewt and Freckleface. We are casual players and talk about WoW, Real Life, and all points in between. Our show is filled with tips, tricks, and lots of tid-bits. All of which we hope you find useful as a player of the World of Warcraft and other Blizzard titles.

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Ding 79! Gimme a minute...

  • It was an early morning for Rewt this morning. I woke up around 4am,
    and decided that since I couldn't sleep, might as well play some WoW.

    My toon is parked over in Sholazar, and I had left him in the middle
    of working on Nessingway's Quest line.

    By the way, when you make the Kungaloosh drink - Kungaloosh was a
    term used at a Disney Night Club on Pleasure Island called "The
    Adventureres Club". It was a greeting - kind of like, "Well met!". Yours
    truely used to work at the Adventureres Club as a bouncer and bartender.

    Anyhow, I jumped back on and knocked out the rest of the quests I had
    lined up.

    Along the way I picked up "The Snows of Northrend" Achievement,
    and then dinged 79!

    I'm just into 79 now, and picked up the "Explore Sholazar Basin"
    Achievement, and am about to do some wicked quest called Reclamation
    that looks quite daunting.

    Freckleface and I have quite a show lined up for this Tuesday. Hope
    you can tune into us here at HearthCast.com and check it out.


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