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I see you, but can't find you!

  • Hey there, Rewt from hearthcast.com here bringing you another tidbit of information.

    Something Blizzard has introduced with Wrath is called "Phasing Technology".

    The short of it is that the world you personally experience differs based on the quests you've personally completed. So, while a NPC may be visible to you, they may not be visible to someone else who has either completed a quest - some of the NPC's move after a quest is completed - or hasn't begun that quest. In fact, whole areas can change from hostile to friendly based on the completion of a quest chain!

    All the technical ooh's and ahh's aside, this has brought up some issues when you're questing with friends or guildmates. They may not be able to help you, or you them, based on quests that either of you have done, or haven't done. In other words, if you're going to be questing with friends and guildmates, try to make sure you're at the same stage of quest chains. It should go easier that way.

    Hey, as always, be sure to tune in this Tuesday for our full length podcast, where Freckleface and I share all sorts of information about the game, and have loads of fun doing so. Until next time, thanks for listening to hearthcast.com


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