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Hearthcast - A Podcast about World of Warcraft and the rest of the Blizzard Universe. With your hosts, Rewt and Freckleface. We are casual players and talk about WoW, Real Life, and all points in between. Our show is filled with tips, tricks, and lots of tid-bits. All of which we hope you find useful as a player of the World of Warcraft and other Blizzard titles.

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Welcome to Tinkertown!

  • In Tuesday's podcast we talked about engineering as a useful profession for hunters, but in my opinion its the best in the game! Let me tell you about a few things engineers can do

    Enhance combat:
    Throw a bomb for that does an aoe stun effect, or siege damage in Wintergrasp
    Toss down a target dummy which will take aggro away from you

    Make gear:
    Guns, and cloth, leather, and mail items. as well as bullets, arrows

    Make lots of fun things like a mechanical squirrel, a pet yeti, a motorcycle to ride in and a helicopter to fly... and use a parachute cloak for a long fall

    Pull materials out of the air:
    Did you know there are lots of crystallized fire, air, and water from the vapors of Northrend? (And motes of the same in Outland?) A skilled engineer can use their head piece or belt to spot these nodes and a Zapthrottle Mote Extractor to pull the materials out of the air!

    Lastly, an engineer is a great asset to have in a group because they can put down a portable mailbox, a portable repair/sell vendor, and can raise the dead.

    So from Freckleface, your master tinkerer I hope you'll tune in for more Warcraft tips from Rewt and me here at hearthcast.com!

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