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When to List What on the Auction House - ShortCast

  • Hello there, Rewt here from HearthCast.com bringing you another installment of our "Gimme a Minute" segment, where we take about a minute or so and share some World of Warcraft insights, intuition, information and perhaps some inspriration.

    While Auction Houses differ from realm to realm, the basic principles do not. Buy low, sell high, know how to spot a good deal, the art of relisting,
    cornering the market, short stacking, and all the other tricks of the trade remain pretty much the same.

    One constant I have observed across multiple realms is listing time. Knowing when to list what kind of items will help ensure a sucessful auction.

    Here's what I've found:

    • Sunday-Wednesday: Items/Weapons/Armor - higher greens and blues. (Things people want)
    • Thursday-Saturday: Materials and Reagents (Things people need)

    Also, on Fridays, there really is no need for a long auction on hot materials - you're just wasting your money.

    Hey, on Tuesday, Freckleface and I will be bringing  you our full length podcast, where we go into detail about different aspects of the World of Warcraft. If you'd like to be part of the show, drop us an email.



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