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Hearthcast - A Podcast about World of Warcraft and the rest of the Blizzard Universe. With your hosts, Rewt and Freckleface. We are casual players and talk about WoW, Real Life, and all points in between. Our show is filled with tips, tricks, and lots of tid-bits. All of which we hope you find useful as a player of the World of Warcraft and other Blizzard titles.

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Rep Grinding: Dailies in Northrend - ShortCast

  • Rep Grinding: Dailies in Northrend - ShortCast
  • I am super stoked! Being a gnome, sometimes the tall ones will spit on your head or try to punt you like a football. But now that I have my Ice Mammoth from the Sons of Hodir, I am so high off the ground everyone looks like ants to me!

    For me to be able to buy my mammoth, I had to do a lot of dailes first - and a lot of folks get overwhelmed at the prospect of going from neutral to exalted this way. Before beginning the daily grind for any faction, decide on what your goal is. If it's a particular item that is available at revered, it's probably not necessary to grind to exalted. And if you want to gain status because it counts toward an achievement, make sure you are willing to grind for the other factions as well. You can save yourself wasted hours by deciding what's the most important to you and what you don't need.

    When you go to do dailies, have an idea of
    what you want to complete and where the quests are located. Then you can make a convenient route that hits all the stops. Grab a friend if you can - it will go much faster. Keep an eye out for new quests that pop up when you hit a new level of rep, and check prices for tokens that you can turn in.

    Keep at it, and eventually you can get a lot of cool stuff. And as always, be sure to tune in  this coming Tuesday for a new episode with Freckleface and Rewt!  Happy grinding!

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