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Rep Grinding: Home Cities - Shortcast

  • Rep Grinding: Home Cities -  Shortcast
  • In my last shortcast i talked about dailies for increaseing rep in factions of Northrend. But what about for your home city - where there are no dailies?

    You might be wondering what the benefit is. When you are exlated with all five of your home cities, you earn the title "Ambassador" This is one title that you don't need to do raids, pvp, or even be 80 to obtain. Also, now that the racial restrictions have been lifted  you have the option to buy over 30 different mounts.

    Just by doing the quests you need to level up, you will probably be at least at honored for each faction. Raising it to exalted will take a few steps.

    The easiest way is to complete skipped quest using your low level tracker. Begin in the starting areas and expand to the higher regions. generally the race of the quest giver will be an indication where it will give rep.

    Once you've completed all the quests you can find your rep will be based on donations. There will be a cloth quartermaster in the capital cities that will give you a quest to donate wool, then silk, then runecloth.

    After that, your last option is to continue to donate stacks of runecloth. assess how much rep you need given that you need given that it takes 12,000 to revered and 21,000 for exalted.  Divide that number by 75, and you can see how many stacks of runecloth you will need.

    And that's it. Keep tuning in for more tips and tricks from Freckleface and Rewt!


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