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Crashing The World of Warcraft Auction House - ShortCast

  • This tip takes time, patience, gold, and the stomach to muster it.

    I've said before that the Auction House typically runs on a "supply and demand" rule set.

    This tip shows how to take advantage of that, and potentially crash the market.

    Let's take as an example, Heavy Borean Leather. Let's say it's selling for 40 gold for a full stack of 20, and you've got a bank full of them.

    List your first stack at market price - 40 gold. Your next stack, drop the price by a couple a gold or so. Same with your next stack... keep dropping the price by a gold or so for each listing. Now, the market price will be dropping each of your listings... it could potentially lose over 50% of
    it's actual market value.

    As the market price falls, people will be doing one of two things - listing their own Heavy Borean Leather, or buying yours. Either way, it's fine, as it will continue to keep the market price down.

    When it seems the price has hit a low enough range (you'll know because people will stop posting them for auction), buy out the remaining stock (which now should be around 50% under valued), and relist with it's normal
    market value.

    If you can plan this with a couple of friends who also have a bank full of the items, it's quite possible to completely crash the market for that item.


    Keywords: wow, world of warcraft, auction, auction house

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