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Daily Quests - are they worth it? ShortCast!

  • Hello there, Rewt here from HearthCast.com - today's topic is: Daily Quests!

    Daily Quests, or "dailies", are quests that you can do over again each
    day, and are marked by a blue exclimation point over the quest giver.

    While the task can get to be routine after about the 3rd time, Blizzard
    has been kind enough to makes the Daily Quest Rewards substantial.

    With a limit of 25 dailies a day, and some of them paying upwards of 20
    gold a pop, it's easy to see that doing dailies for the gold alone is a
    smart thing.

    However, you also get a reputation bonus for whatever faction has the
    quest you're doing -  and that reputation bonus typically leads to some
    nice rewards! Opening up a vendor, quartermaster, additional quests, and
    even discounted rates from other vendors in the area.

    The best advice I can give you is to schedule yourself and a friend to
    work on the same daily quests together. It makes the time go by faster,
    and you don't get bored.

    Hey, each and every Tuesday, Freckleface and I publish our full length
    podcast at HearthCast.com, full of insights, tips, information, and
    answers about the World of Warcraft. You can be part of our show by
    visiting HearthCast.com and clicking on the "Be Part Of The Show" link.

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