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Cooperation or Manipulation?

  • Have you ever been in a situation where someone was trying to use their abilities to manipulate the group? I was in a raid the other day when a warlock started with some bad behavior.

    At the time we were forming a raid to attack a capital city, and every new person who joined would ask for a summon. However, there was only one warlock in the group, and it took him a bit to get to the location. In the meantime, every request infuriated him and he started lashing out at people asking. When it was time to move onto the next city and some players had dropped out, the warlock refused to summon newcomers until we had a full raid.

    Now of course I wanted to tell that lock a few things. That he was being immature and selfish. That if everyone acted like that - healers refusing to heal, tanks not tanking, etcetera - nothing would ever get done. That if he didn't want to help the group, he needed to leave so we could find someone else to fill their spot.

    But I didn't. And if I was the raid leader, I would have taken a proactive approach with by telling him nicely that we needed the summons and that we appreciated him for helping us out. Because although the lock was in the wrong, maybe a few encouraging words would have calmed him down and the raid would have been more successful.

    Just goes to show you that having people skills and being a team player is as important in World of Warcraft as being geared. So mind your manners and play nice.


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