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Shortcast: An Exalted Fishing Pole

  • Hello everybody, Rewt here from HearthCast.com with another shortcast.
    When I was doing my Daily's yesterday, I hit Exalted with the Kalu'ak People. You know, the walrus people in Northerned. I've been waiting to hit that level of reputation for a while... just because of the Mastercraft Fishing
    Pole that Sairuk, the quartermaster in Moa'ki Harbor, sells. The pole
    sells for about 102 gold, and has the following stats:

    Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole
    447-673 Damage / 186.5 per second
    Requires fishing 300
    Requires The Kalu'ak - Exalted
    Equip: Increased Fishing +30
    Equip: Allows underwater breathing.

    Sairuk the Quartermaster also sells a little pet penquin for 9 gold, too.

    The daily quests to get the exalted reputation for the Kalu'ak are pretty
    simple to do, and are usually not too crowded.

    So, head on out there, get your daily's done, your rep up, and pick up
    a pet and a fishing pole from Sairuk the Kalu'ak Quartermaster in Mao'ki

    Don't forget! This Tuesday, Freckleface and I are back with our full length
    podcast on Hearthcast.com, featuring news, information, insight, hints,
    tips, lore, stories, and more...until then, this has been Rewt, from

    Keywords: wow, kaluak, exalted, warcraft

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