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A World of Warcraft Podcast for the Casual Player

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A Podcast For Casual World of Warcraft Players

Hearthcast - It's about World of Warcraft. With your hosts, Rewt and Freckleface. We are casual players and talk about WoW, Real Life, and all points in between. Our show is filled with tips, tricks, and lots of tid-bits. All of which we hope you find useful as a player of the World of Warcraft.

Download Hearthcast Episode #138: Why It's Great to be a Warlock 24-09-2012 (108.99 MB)

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Hearthcast Episode #138: Why It's Great to be a Warlock

  • Episode 138: Why It's Great to be a Warlock! Amijade from Warlockery.com chats with us for a while about his love for warlocks and shares some great tips and tricks.

    Also in this Episode:

    • What's up with Cross Realm Raiding?
    • Whispers from you guys!
    • How Freckleface got left in the cold, but everyone loved Rewt
    • Who gets shown up when Dedguy returns for another game of AOE?
    • Some wacky hotseat/would you rather questions - fart macros, warm toilet seats... anything goes!


    Keywords: wow, items, gear, mounts, world of warcraft, fun, epic loots